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The Siamese, Oriental & Peterbald Alliance (SOPA) is an official Breed Group of the CFSA and was established in 2014. We invite breeders, exhibitors and enthusiasts of these breeds to sign up for membership, which is open to both local and international breeders.

You can apply for membership or renew your existing membership by downloading the form attached below. This is a wonderful opportunity for exhibitors to benefit even more from membership to the Breed Group in 2017. After two very popular shows in both Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal in 2016, SOPA is going to be holding three shows this year under the auspices of the KZN Cat Club. Check out information about our show dates on the Shows Page.

If you are interested in joining the Committee or helping out at our shows, please contact us to let us know. We are always looking for an extra pair of hands.

The Benefits of the Breed Group

  • One double show in KZN and one single show in Gauteng.
  • Gain points towards KZNCC Top Cat 2017.
  • Discounted entry fees for members.
  • Platform to share your experiences and submit proposals for change of the breeds’ CFSA Standard of Points.
  • Be part of a group of like-minded breeders and exhibitors who understand the particular challenges of the breeds.
  • A breed group for all breeders of Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald,  breed enthusiasts, owners and exhibitors.

Special thanks to Suzanne Le Good who designed our beautiful logo and to Norma Hush of Visual Concepts for the beautiful photos of our cats.


Download the SOPA Membership Form in PDF Format.


Download the SOPA Membership Form in Excel format.

SHOWS 2017

Enter out our upcoming shows!

Meet the enigmatic Peterbald this Saturday!

Join the Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald Alliance for their double show this Saturday at Hillcrest Primary School from 9am - 4pm. Experience many beautiful cat breeds and chat to breeders! Raffles, goodies for sale and fundraising for Feeding the Furballs NPO 134-861....
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SOPA 22 April 2017 Cat Show Results & Thank Yous

The SOPA Gauteng show has come and gone! I wish to thank every single exhibitor who entered our show and contributed to a relaxed atmosphere all day long. What a fantastic show! Our ten judges, PC Bekker, Hanrie Bekker, June Stafford, Wilma Hyman, Tanya Milligan, Gail...
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SOPA Top Cat for 2016

LaMASKA I am Legend
Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese Male

SOPA Breeders

Oriental, Siamese, Peterbald

  • Mariette Burger
  • Pretoria
  • 081 300 5229

Oriental, Siamese, Peterbald

  • Nicole Barratt
  • Durban
  • 084 677 2743

Oriental, Siamese, Peterbald

  • Melissa Myburgh
  • Durban North
  • 081 300 5229

Oriental, Siamese

  • Mariette Kruger & Patti Paterson
  • Cape Town
  • 078 371 2795

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Mariette Burger

  • Chairperson | Show Manager
  • 081 300 5229 |

Nicole Barratt

  • Vice Chair | Marketing
  • 084 677 2743 |