Join the KwaZulu Natal Cat Club

The KwaZulu Natal Cat Club (KZNCC) is a non-profit cat club affiliated to the Cat Federation of South Africa. The Club holds various cat shows throughout the year in KwaZulu Natal and promotes the rules and ethics of the CFSA.

Why join KZNCC?

  • The Club has a long history in the cat fancy spanning over 60 years with a dynamic and knowledgeable Committee at the helm.
  • Reduced entry fees. Entry fees for KZNCC Shows are considerably lower for members of the Club.
  • Breeders Listing. Members may pay an extra small fee to have their Cattery listed on the website annually.
  • Voting powers. Members that have been paid up for at least 6 months will have the right to vote in the following year’s AGM on matters pertaining to the election of our Committee and changes to our Constitution, as well as CFSA Elections and other matters put forward at their AGMs.
  • In order to register a cattery with CFSA, one needs to join a Club in their region in order to qualify to register their Cattery.


Download the Membership Form in PDF format.


Download the Membership Form in EXCEL format.


Your membership will only be confirmed, once the Membership Secretary has received a completed copy of your MEMBERSHIP FORM and PROOF OF PAYMENT. This also applies to Membership Applications & Renewals that come through with SHOW ENTRIES. Please ensure that all of your documentation is in order before submitting and that you pay your fees into our NEW bank account.

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