The KwaZulu Natal Cat Club and its exbhibitors had a bumper weekend with the KZNCC Triple Cat Show from May 12th to 13th. A huge endeavour for the Committee, the team pulled together for months to create a showcase of their exhibitors’ beautiful feline companions.

Themed, Hairy Pawter, the team worked hard to create a superb atmosphere for both exhibitors and public. Most were keen to get involved, get into character, dress up and decorate their cages. Thank you to our valued stewards, Suniek and Sunet for coming up with this fabulous idea!

The cats and their owners were out in full force for 9 full rings of judging and lots of excitement. Our main sponsors, Hill’s were in attendance and came out to promote their fabulous brand to the public and members.

The winner of the public’s favourite award went to Valhalla Ragnar, a black Norwegian Forest Cat owned by Farrah Maharajh of Feeding the Furballs (NPO)!

Our Cat of the Day winner for Show 3 and the Overall winner was beautiful Bambino female owned by Wilma Hyman, Spandau My L’Eden.

This is quite historical for South Africa as Spandau My L’Eden is the first Bambino to win a Cat Show in the country, at a CFSA show and in KZN as well as potentially being one of the first in the world to achieve this coveted title. Congratulations to her breeder and to all the breeders who fought so hard to have this breed recognised by the Cat Federation of Southern Africa in late 2017. Being a controversial breed, and very much misunderstood, this is a huge success.

A stunner Red Persian kitten owned by Charmaine Danziger took Show 1 and Show 2 outright – L’Exquisite West Side Story.

Our Pet of the day winners owned by Liz McGregor and Judy May – Minxy, Tipp and Camilla.

Our cage decoration winner was Farrah Maharajh of Feeding the Furballs


A word from our Show Manager, Mariette Burger:

So where to start?
Perhaps this time with our exhibitors; what a spectacular crowd of like-minded people we had at our triple show! Sojen, Ross and Ella, three of our well-loved KZNCC exhibitors were amongst the ranks – it was so heart-warming to see people that you sincerely missed! We had a brand new Norwegian Forest Cat mommy join us this weekend – Ameena, welcome to KZNCC!

Our travelling exhibitors, thank you for loading your precious furries in your cars for a long trip to join our show! The local KZN exhibitors who were there in full force, what a joy to see you all. Historically in KZN, we do not have large shows but with an entry of 110 cats, we are so honoured for your support this year.

Our judges from CFSA, CASA and SACC: you did a tremendous job with the large amount of cats each one of you had to judge at super speed whilst still keeping the exhibitor (and cat) in front of you happy! Love for cats are the only thing that could possibly motivate you to spend two hectic days judging to perfection. Of all our judges, only 1 were from KZN, everyone else travelled! Johan, Thea, Dina, PC, Hanrie, Wilma, Shaun and Mariette: thank you for leaving your homes and families behind to judge for us these past two days! Nicole, our local, newly qualified judge, thank you for being there and congratulations! Nicole is the only KZN-based CFSA judge.

Etrecia Bester, our CFSA Show Executive is just a super hero. You are a genie in a bottle! First time for handling the admin of three consecutive shows and doing that with charm and grace! Thank you so much! And let’s not forget Christo Bekker who is so very organised in getting them coveted envelopes with our precious show reports sorted and ready, thank you for your help.

Our mother/daughter Steward team: you bring so much to the table by contributing to the relaxed atmosphere of the CFSA shows with your cute outfits and sunny dispositions. Running when called without grumping even after travelling through the night to the show: thank you from the bottom of my heart. You both kept smiling although you had such bad news on Saturday and having to spend your first Mother’s Day without your Mum….thank you. And Nick, jumping in to assist with stewarding and doing a great job too!

The KZNCC Committee: Nicole, Thilda, Nick, Judy, Kathy, Adri, Liz…  the idea of a three show endeavor was born within this Committee and you managed to pull it off with success. Honestly, the only way to have accomplished this was to work together in happy union, not only before the show but also during and after! You did a sterling job with everything you set out to do, each and everyone of you. As the KZNCC show manager, all I can say is that you all helped ME cope with throughout the two days! You are all GOLD.

Norma Hush, thank you for being there to create our storyboard; as always your calm aura relaxes the cats and you manage to get the best out of them! We look forward to seeing the beautiful photographs.

Mark Swartzberg, thank you so much for your help in taking pictures throughout the day and during Best in Show….those pictures are the backbone of show results! Thank you!

A special mention has to go to Farrah and Arlene of Feeding the Furballs NPO 134-861 as well as Larissa of Kanine Krunchies SA for the live storyboards during the event on Facebook: you girls have taken awareness to another level and we hope to continue to the trend with breed profiles, awareness campaigns and rescue collaboration.

Then last but most definitely not the least: Tracy and Marycke from 
Hill’s Pet Nutrition: our main sponsor! Tracy, your being at the show the entire weekend shows tremendous commitment to your brand! Marycke, you spent the entire Sunday with us ? what an absolute honour to have you at a cat show. Thank you for affording us the privilege to have Hill’s as our main sponsor and for interacting and educating our exhibitors! I truly hope you enjoyed our show. Thank you to Hill’s Ambassador, Aimee for making an appearance on Saturday as well.

A special thank you must also go out to our sponsors who worked hard to ensure we had additional prizes for our show.

A final note from our chair, Nicole Barratt… I just want to thank my amazing team for just pulling together and making this show a success. Some fun facts about the show.

  1. Introduced a new breed to the KZN Public, the quirky Bambino. First time a Bambino has won a Cat Show in KZN.
  2. 3 Old exhibitors returned. 3 New exhibitors joined us and some new travellers from Gauteng as well.
  3. The public attendance was increased by around 50% for both days of the show.