The KwaZulu Natal Cat Club (KZNCC) invites all cat lovers and curious alike; to come and enjoy their cat show taking place; 12 – 13 May 2018 in the beautiful Hillcrest area at Highbury Preparatory School, Durban, sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

This will be a show with a difference.  Breaking away from the traditional 1-day shows; KZNCC offers three all breeds Cat Fancy South Africa (CFSA) shows over one weekend.

There will be plenty breeds to experience; from the majestic Maine Coon to the opinionated Oriental, to the perky Peterbald and the relaxed Ragdoll. A feature of the show is the Cat Federation of Southern Africa’s latest accepted breed, the Bambino. Bambinos are a quirky breed that love human attention. The breed was created by outcrossing Sphynx with the short-legged Munchkin breed. Despite their short legs, they are muscular in appearance and are surprisingly agile and active.

There will be a mini market that includes plenty of kitty paraphernalia to browse through and buy; including a kiddies corner that will have face-painting and colouring for children who attend the show.

Speak to owners and breeders about a breed you are interested in and join in on the fun by dressing up to the theme, Hairy Pawter.

The Club appeals to the public to support a worthy non-profit by visiting the Feeding the Furballs Corner and help them raise much needed funds for their various causes. Currently Feeding the Furballs is raising funds for a very special rescue case. Ella is a kitten who was resold by her owner at 5 weeks old, just 6 days after purchasing her from an unregistered breeder in Durban. She was riddled with coccidia and needed a lot of care and veterinary assistance to help her recover, as well as crucial socialisation at this very young age. Ella is a special kitten because she symbolises the struggle ethical breeders and rescue both face in combatting backyard breeding and scams.

Entrance Fee the show is R20 Public Entry (children under 2 Free) cash only.

For media and press; please contact Nicole Barratt on or 084 677 2743.

For show information please contact Mariette on