Join the Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald Alliance for their double show this Saturday at Hillcrest Primary School from 9am – 4pm. Experience many beautiful cat breeds and chat to breeders! Raffles, goodies for sale and fundraising for Feeding the Furballs NPO 134-861. R20 entry fee and free for children under 2. Sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

The Club is featuring the mysterious and mischevious Peterbald at this show so don’t miss out on meeting these interesting alien cats from Russia! 
One of the rarest cat breeds in the World, the Peterbald will steal your heart. This breed is the ultimate attention-seeker. So very like the Oriental and Siamese breeds, the Peterbald forms strong bonds with its humans and are often described with words such as “dog-like”, “loyal”, “clown”, “attention sponge”. Very affectionate, very demanding, very vocal and very high energy, the Peterbald is often described as an Oriental or Siamese with something EXTRA. The breed, although outcrossed to the Siamese and the Oriental to maintain its looks, is unique in many ways, in particular its four coat types: chamois, velour (flock), light brush and heavy brush. Despite their slender appearance, like their Oriental cousins, they are athletic, lithe and muscular and very agile which often gets them into precarious situations. They generally prefer to live in pairs or groups and also seek human interaction constantly. Peterbald have been bred by a few breeders in the past 20 years in South Africa, however the breed did not gain much traction in the country until imported into South Africa by Mariette Burger of LaMASKA Cattery in 2006 from Israel and in later years, from the USA. Together with Nicole Barratt of Kioko Cattery, they sought to update and refresh the local standard of points and gain championship status once again for the breed.  They both continuously aim for improvement to breed world class type and temperaments of this amazing breed, whilst maintaining their robust immune systems. More Peterbald were imported by Barratt and Melissa Myburgh of Siori Cattery in December 2015 and January 2016 in order to diversify the gene pool once more with healthy, robust Russian blood. Come meet them this Saturday!
Also on the cards for this month is an online cat show open to all cat lovers and cat owners. Please visit for more information about this fabulous public show. Part of the proceeds of the show will go to Feeding the Furballs (NPO) and there are fab prizes to be won such as a huge Cosmic Pets hamper as well as scaling cash prizes.