The SOPA Gauteng show has come and gone! I wish to thank every single exhibitor who entered our show and contributed to a relaxed atmosphere all day long. What a fantastic show!
Our ten judges, PC Bekker, Hanrie Bekker, June Stafford, Wilma Hyman, Tanya Milligan, Gail Nel, Karen Pepler, Natasha Greaves, Shaun Armand (Student) and Nicole Barratt (Student): Thank you for keeping a brisk pace all day and for keeping our exhibitors happy.

Our awesome Show Administrator and “the man”, Christo Bekker, as well as Marelise Bornman, thank you for doing those results and envelopes so fast!

Our steward Mom and daughter team, Sunet and Suniek Prinsloo, you just rock it!

Thank you Natasja van Antwerpen for being willing to jump in and steward so efficiently after a very quick crash course just before the show.

Theresa Fouché, wonder woman behind the camera! Thank you for spending your and that sweet man of yours’ day with us. We can’t wait to publish the beautiful photographs of our cats!

Trevor Poole of the Wingate Park Country Club, once again your staff excelled with the refreshments and service, you will see us again in 2018 DV.

The SOPA Committee, you are a great team! Two brand new members Erika Ferreira, who helped everywhere and who looked after the some of our kits all day, we are lucky to have you! Natasja van Antwerpen, thank you for your help during the show with anything asked from you and the help with set-up on Friday and also for your husband and son, not only running an emergency errand for us but also them helping to take down after the show.

Rita Smith, thank you for the individualized gifts, commissioned from you at very short notice, they were really something else! Thank you also for doing that job nobody wants: manning the door! You are just the best with our public! Also, thank you for arranging Nicole’s birthday cake, some of it went down very well for supper last night and breakfast this morning!

Nicole…you are my drum beater, SOPA’s rock! After travelling to Gauteng you helped set up the hall and helped wrap all those hampers and brought me tea as always. A mere thank you is not enough….but thank you!

Nick Coetzee, brand new KZN exhibitor/breeder, thank you for bringing Nicole to Gauteng and for your willingness to help set up our hall and help take it down. Folks like you are what the cat fancy need!

Thank you to Sandpaper Kisses for creating awareness for our visiting public about the wonderful work you do with feline rescue and feral initiatives in Pretoria. We hope you got significant traction from the event.

Thank you to our various vendors for supporting the club. The Committee was thrilled to have you there to share the floor with us.

Last but not least, our sponsors. Valemount Trading, the prizes were absolutely fantastic! Thank you so so so much for giving all you did and also for being at the show while your baby was ill. We truly hope that SOPA will continue have a great relationship with you.

Raw Revolution, thank you so much for arranging with your partners to sponsor vouchers for high quality raw food for our winners! We really hope this endeavor will give you guys a niche in the market and were so excited to share the floor with you.

To everyone who’s kits did so well, huge congratulations. Results will follow soon on our Shows Page.
Cheers to you all!

The SOPA Show Manager, Mariette