The Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald Alliance are holding a cat show in Pretoria on 22 April 2017 at Wingate Park Country Club and invite the public to join us in experiencing breeds such as the rare Peterbald, the meticulously groomed Persian, the gentle giant Maine Coon, floppy Ragdolls, cute as pie Devon Rex, wild and wonderful Bengals and many more! Entrance is only R20 – Children under 2 get in for free! Sponsored by Valemount Trading and Raw Revolution.

The SOPA Cat Show is supporting Sandpaper Kisses Fundraising, a rescue organisation in Pretoria that specialises in special needs cases and do amazing work with ferals in the City. They need help to keep up with their vet and food bills as well as to create more public awareness about feral cat management. Public can meet Michelle at the show and talk to her about her various fundraising initiatives, participate in raffles and have some fun!