Welcome to the brand new KZNCC website. The Club has been planning, preparing and building the website for about 3 months, and this project has been a challenging, yet collective effort of the Committee. Thank you to everyone who contributed and a special thank you to Norma Hush of Visual Concepts and Theresa Fouche for the beautiful photographs. No cat-related website is complete without them and we are eternally grateful. We are looking forward to providing you with regular articles, show news and updates but in order to produce fabulous feline-related content we are calling on our members who have a knack for writing or excellent knowledge about a particular breed to come forward and volunteer to write articles for us instead of us copy pasting off the internet!

These articles will not only be geared to target our members, but also to create public awareness, promote our sponsors, and to promote CFSA registered breeds, shows and breeders and will be published bi-monthly or more often depending on the response we get for content.


  • Various general cat-related subjects regarding ownership, health and diet.
  • Breed specific features – breeders who volunteer to provide articles about their breeds will get a free feature for their cattery on the article. Please contact us to see what breed slots we have available.
  • Articles about showing your cat, a report back of our shows, etc.
  • Special cases in Rescue in KwaZulu Natal.
  • Articles about breeding, genetics and feline husbandry, scams, etc.

We hope you enjoy the website! Should you find any errors or omissions, or have suggestions please email marketing@kzncatclub.com.